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If you own a car, think about how easy it is to get in, drive yourself to work, and park near your building each day. It’s something you may take for granted. Yet, for thousands of people living in poverty in the Rochester area, it’s an unattainable goal. 68,000 people in the City of Rochester live below the poverty line, and 26 percent of households in Rochester do not own a car. Those residents often rely on the bus system, spending sometimes more than an hour commuting to their jobs. The inaccessibility of affordable and reliable transportation limits the economic mobility of people living in poverty, further perpetuating the cycle.

Reconnect Rochester is exploring the connection between poverty and transportation, and the group will share its findings at its upcoming Rochester Street Films event on Wednesday. We preview that presentation and discuss possible solutions with our guests:

  • Dr. Leonard Brock, director of the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative
  • Maggie Brooks, vice president of strategic initiatives for RTS, and co-chair of the transportation work group for the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative
  • Bill McDonald, program officer for the United Way of Greater Rochester, and co-chair of the transportation work group for the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative
  • Peter Nabozny, early childhood policy director for the Children’s Agenda, and board member at Reconnect Rochester

We respond to our listeners who have said, "Every time you talk about walkability, you only talk about Rochester!" So we're turning our attention to the new walkable suburbs.

A number of local towns have transportation plans that include more of an emphasis on walkable cores and multi-modal transportation. Who's doing what? Where can suburbanites go if they want more walkability? Our guests:


A local volunteer organization is sponsoring its second annual ROC Transit Day set for June 20th. 

It's designed to encourage people to try the public transit system for a day and it coincides with national "Dump the Pump" day, asking residents to take the bus and save money on gas. Rochester area employers can request free all-day bus passes for their employees. 

Reconnect Rochester is sponsoring the effort.