City of Rochester

It could be the only one of its kind in the country and Saturday, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren recognized the volunteers celebrating the Edgerton Model Train display’s 65th anniversary.

"I like when it moves." Five year old Abram King has his own layout in his bedroom. WXXI found Abram, his mom and kid brother enjoying the Fall season layout, one of four in the basement of the Edgerton Recreation Center on Backus Street.

The anniversary provided the city a chance to thank volunteers and donors who spend hours cleaning, restoring and improving the displays.


ALBANY (AP) The Adirondack Park Agency has signed off on a proposal to divide a state-owned rail corridor, with rails upgraded from Big Moose north to Tupper Lake and removed to establish a trail from Tupper to Lake Placid.

The 34-mile trail could be used in the winter by snowmobilers and skiers. It could be used by bicyclists and others the rest of the year.

Track upgrades from Big Moose to Tupper Lake would extend the excursion rail service by 45 miles.