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For Barack Obama it’s playing basketball and pool. For Congresswoman Frederica Wilson it’s collecting hats. For George W. Bush it’s painting. These are some of the hobbies of political leaders in our nation that give us just a little insight into the person behind the politician. But what about our local political figures in Rochester? It can be rare to get a behind-the-scenes look of their lives….until now. A special segment on Need to Know this summer will take us inside the lives of candidates in the race for Rochester mayor. The focus: getting to know them through one of their favorite pastimes. First up, Democrat Rachel Barnhart.

While school kids in Rochester are gearing up for summer break, the leader of the Rochester City School District is keeping her sleeves rolled up. For Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams much-needed change within the city school system doesn’t happen with words, but actions. So what does she plan to do exactly? 

Also on the show, it’s rare for voters to get a glimpse inside the personal lives of politicians. However, that’s about to change. A special segment gives viewers a unique look at the person behind the politician in this year’s mayoral race in Rochester.

We continue our series of conversations with candidates for Rochester mayor. Former journalist Rachel Barnhart is in studio to kick off round two of these discussions.

Barnhart recently filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Lovely Warren and her former chief of staff for an Uber job fair held at City Hall. We discuss her position, along with several of her priority issues: property taxes, a citywide fiber internet network, and more.

Reducing property taxes by 50%, increasing funding for childcare and offering fiber internet for all city homes. These are just a few of the priorities for Rochester mayoral candidate Rachel Barnhart. The former journalist and New York State Assembly candidate joins former Rochester Police Chief and current Monroe County legislator James Sheppard in the race for the city’s top seat. But Barnhart says when it comes to an actual plan to turn the city around she’s the candidate with an agenda.

As of now she’s the only candidate in the race for Rochester mayor with an actual platform. That’s according to mayoral candidate Rachel Barnhart. On this edition of Need to Know, Barnhart talks problems, priorities, and plans for Rochester if elected.

Former journalist Rachel Barnhart has joined the Rochester mayoral race.

We sit down with Barnhart to discuss her plans for Rochester, which include a 50-percent property tax cut. She says she's entering the race with the most detailed plans and ideas, along with a lifetime of experience in the city. She's the second official contender, alongside county legislator James Sheppard.

Former journalist Rachel Barnhart has released a book about her experience in politics. The title is a nod to the book's exploration of the role of gender in politics. It's called Broad, Casted. Barnhart has said that even after years covering politics, she was not prepared for the sexism she encountered. Her critics -- particularly critics in the Democratic Party -- argue that she has misjudged some common political tactics as being sexist. We discuss that, along with her career and her future.  

View the debate between the Democratic candidates for the 138th State Assembly race, Rachel Barnhart and Harry Bronson.