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Physicians are reacting to President Trump’s recent decision to appoint Dr. Mehmet Oz to his Council on Sport, Fitness, and Nutrition. Many doctors and lawmakers across the country are criticizing the move, saying the celebrity doctor has promoted unscientific methods, discredited research, and “miracle” products on his program. He also faced backlash in 2012 for his episode on reparative therapy, which he claimed could turn gay people straight.

Oz tweeted that he’ll be advising the president on how to improve children’s health programs in school systems. Our guests discuss what the appointment could mean in the broad context, and the dangers of promoting pseudoscience. In studio:

  • Dr. Robert Cole, medical director for the Rochester Regional Health Primary Care and Ambulatory Specialties Institute
  • Dr. Elizabeth Murray, pediatrician at Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong

President Trump referred to members of an international criminal gang as "animals." That sparked a debate about whether it's appropriate to use language that dehumanizes; the president has previously referred to Mexican immigrants as "rapists," while conceding that some might begoodpeople.

Our guests discuss whether it's okay to draw lines, or if such language is a slippery slope to further dehumanization and stigmatization. In studio:

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President Trump tweets a lot. With tens of millions of followers on Twitter, Trump proposes policy, shares his latest actions and reacts to the news. But 140 characters rarely gives the full context. Here, we attempt to do just that for key tweets.


President Donald Trump has said there’s much work to be done in our nation, and he’s wasted little time jumping in and rolling up his sleeves. From signing off on a controversial immigration policy, withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, clearing the way for two oil pipelines to be constructed and making plans for his much-discussed US-mexico border wall - the 45th President is using the power of executive orders to deliver on some of his campaign promises. 

Those quick actions are drawing mixed reactions. On this edition of Need to Know we’ll hear from local Republican leaders on the President’s first two weeks in office.

On this edition of Need to Know, A new supreme court nominee, changes in immigration policy, and a hiring freeze in the federal government. It’s been a busy first two weeks in office for President Donald Trump. Area Republican leaders join this edition of Need to Know to share their thoughts on the Trump presidency thus far.