We sit down with Patricia Wright, a woman sometimes described as the Jane Goodall of lemurs. Wright’s work in Madagascar has led to a massive change in public understanding, conservation, and preservation. She’s had a long partnership with the Seneca Park Zoo, and this week she’s back in Rochester.

We discuss how much has changed since the 1980s, and what the world can do next to preserve habitats, understand the impact of climate change, and more. In studio:

When historic buildings and spaces are successfully preserved, they help tell the stories of the communities that used and cared about them. But what happens when the majority of preservation professionals are white?

Diversity and inclusion in the preservation profession is the focus of an upcoming conference hosted by the Landmark Society of Western New York. This year’s keynote speaker is Lee Bey, a photographer, writer, lecturer, and consultant whose work centers on the interpretation of the built environment. Specifically, Bey explores the political, social, and racial forces that shape spaces.

This hour, we discuss how the preservation movement can be more inclusive, and how spaces and places would look different if more voices of color were included in preservation conversations. Our guests:

The Trump administration's proposed tax plan would eliminate the federal historical tax credit, and this has many local preservationists concerned about the future of saving historic buildings in our area.

We discuss what eliminating the tax credit could mean for those properties. In studio:

  • Larry Francer, associate director of preservation for the Landmark Society of Western NY
  • Daniel Mackay, deputy commissioner for historical preservation at the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
  • Dan McEneny, public outreach coordinator for the New York State Division for Historic Preservation
  • Patrick Dutton, local developer focused on Downtown Rochester

The Landmark Society is unveiling its 2015 Five to Revive, a list of historic sites it has determined to be in need of revitalization. What are the sites, and how can they be revitalized?

Our producer, Megan Mack, took a tour of the sites on the list, and we welcome the people who decided which locations to include. Our guests:

  • Stephanie Benson, chief operating officer of Edgemere Development
  • Tom Castelein, vice president of preservation, The Landmark Society of Western New York
  • Patrick Dutton, local real estate developer
  • Larry Francer, associate director of preservation, The Landmark Society of Western New York
  • Wayne Goodman, executive director, The Landmark Society of Western New York

Is Rochester an arts town... that doesn't buy art? Are we a town filled with preservationists at heart... who don't know much about our history? These are uncomfortable but important questions. We'll explore them, and we'll get a look at an upcoming event with art and preservation at its core. Our guests:

  • Caitlin Meives, preservation planner with the Landmark Society of Western New York
  • Erich Lehman, Gallery 1975
  • Jason Barber, photographer and artist

YUP. You're probably a closet preservationist. You care about the look of your city, your town, your neighborhood. You don't want just any big box store with a sea of parking spaces. You want a thoughtful approach to urban planning and you occasionally travel on foot, or bike, or something not called "car." Maybe it's time for you to meet the YUPs -- the Young Urban Preservationists:

  • Caitlin Meives, YUP co-founder and Preservation Planner at The Landmark Society of WNY
  • Laura Smith, co-founder of YUP 
  • Bradley Huber, member of YUP
  • Anna Lisa Keller, member of YUP

We start by looking at measures designed to provide incentives for preserving and repurposing upstate’s industrial heritage, and leveraging the region’s changing demographics. We discuss this with the President of the Preservation League of New York State Jay DiLorenzo. 

Then, It’s been a big week in the nation’s courts of appeal with conflicting rulings on the legality of Federal health insurance subsidies. What does it all mean? We’ll talk to Researcher Kev Coleman from the website healthpocket.com about the developments that have the potential to unpick the Affordable Care Act.