Good news: we've found the future home of Earthlings. At least, that's what the headlines seem to indicate: an Earth-like planet discovered, and it's not far away! We can get there, and it's rocky and might be able to sustain water!

But is Proxima Centauri B deserving of this kind of publicity? What can we know about this alien world, and what questions remain unanswered? Our guest, University of Rochester astrophysicist and NPR contributor Adam Frank, helps us understand. 

Wait, there's a ninth planet? A ninth planet that's not Pluto?

Apparently there is, according to researchers who say the evidence is mounting that a big, super-Earth sized planet is hanging out on the far corners of our solar system. So if it's real, how come no one has officially discovered it yet? How do they know it's there? What does this mean for our group of planets? Is Pluto going to sue over its status or what?

In our Monthly Science Roundtable, we explore the search for Planet Nine, and we talk all things space. Our guests:

  • Brian Koberlein, RIT senior lecturer of physics
  • Michael Richmond, RIT professor of physics and director of the RIT Observatory
  • Kevin Cooke, a Ph.D. student in the astrophysical sciences and technology program at RIT