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Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that two pet cats in New York state tested positive for COVID-19.

So far, it appears that cats and ferrets are the domestic species most likely to get the novel coronavirus.

Beth Adams/WXXI News

It’s not unusual for the supply of blood donations to run low during the summer months as donors are on vacation and out of their normal routines. The Rochester chapter of the American Red Cross says it received more than double its goal of donors for a blood drive Wednesday in Henrietta.

The turnout might have something to do with the location. The drive was held at Monroe Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services.

Two years ago, after a routine blood test, Maryann Fuhrmann's 9-year-old Maltese mix, Bella, was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

"I see tons of ticks on her all the time, but (her) being white," she said, "they're easy to spot, and I am fanatical about checking her over every time I come in the house, so I don't know how it got by, but I really feel like I let her down."

It's Unleashed the Pet Show, and this month, we’re talking all about cats.

We visit Lollypop Farm to learn about the cat adoption process, and Dr. Eileen Adamo from The Cat Doctors in Penfield is in studio to answer your questions.

In this month's episode of Unleashed, we hear from a dog owner who is working to turn her heartbreak into action. Denise Krohn's two dogs were killed during a home invasion, and now, she's fighting for legislation that would make it a crime to hurt a pet during the commission of another crime. Read the petition here.

We also talk to a Wayne County woman whose dog, Derby, took to the national stage, competing in the Masters Obedience Championship at the Westminster Kennel Club Show. We talk to Leanne Capozzi about the experience of a lifetime.

And, Dr. Edward Gschrey from South Towne Veterinary Hospital will be in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior. Our guests:

Caring for a pet in an emergency can be frightening and stressful, but the Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services practice in Henrietta is open 24/7 to handle everything from ear infections to traumatic injuries. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes at the hospital and answer some common questions about emergency experiences.  

Plus, the holiday season is a popular time for families to consider bringing a new pet into the home. But is it a good idea to give pets as gifts? We’ll hear from the staff at Lollypop Farm. 

Finally,  Jackie Walker from Churchville Veterinary Hospital is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior. 

This month on Unleashed, we honor Veterans Day by telling the story of a rescue dog named Hans who is providing emotional support to local veterans.

Plus, when patients go into hospice care, their beloved pets are often left behind and families may be unable to care for them. A national organization is working to reunite patients with their pets, when the unconditional love of a dog or cat matters most. We talk to the founder of Pet Peace of Mind.

And Dr. Stephanie Ravin from Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital is in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior. Our guests:

In the wake of tragedy, such as the mass shootings in Dallas and Orlando and the terror attacks in Nice, pet therapy can provide comfort to victims, families, and communities. During this episode of Unleashed, we talk about the value of pet therapy, and we hear from a man who took his dog to Orlando to provide comfort to victims’ families.

And veterinarian Dr. Katrina Tyrrell is in studio answering listeners’ questions about pet health. Our guests:

It’s puppy and kitten season, so in this episode of Unleashed, we focus on how to best care for young pets: from vaccines to spaying and neutering to how to work through bad behaviors.

We also talk to representatives from some lesser-known rescue organizations in our area that find homes for hundreds of animals each year.

And veterinarian Dr. Danielle Shemanski is in studio answering listeners’ questions about pet health. Our guests:

In this episode of Unleashed, Dr. Michelle Brownstein from Henrietta Animal Hospital is in studio to take pet owners’ calls and questions. We start by focusing on spring-related questions: seasonal allergies, toxic plants and flowers, and more. 

Then, losing a pet can be an emotionally-draining time, and every owner grieves differently. WXXI’s Beth Adams speaks with licensed social worker Amy Jewett about the grieving process and how pet owners can navigate their feelings. 

And, how did what was once considered the “all American dog” come to be feared and stigmatized? We talk about pit bulls and the history of how they have been perceived. We also talk about a well-known local pit bull who defied the odds after he was abandoned outside during the Polar Vortex of 2014. We're joined by a man who helped rescue the aptly named “Vortex.” Our guests: