pathways to peace

Pathways to Peace


An alternatives to violence program with the city of Rochester is working through the pandemic to reach at-risk youths and communities affected by cycles of violence. 

After fights broke out around Rochester on Memorial Day, Raymond Mayoliz with Pathways to Peace said their program workers were on the ground the next day where one such fight took place between two girls.

Mayoliz said he had seen a striking detail in a video shared on social media of that incident.

Max Schulte / WXXI News

Cars were backed up a block at times as people came to the Boys and Girls Club Thursday to pick up food. 

Most people came by car, while others walked with laundry or shopping carts. Three hundred people were registered for this one and hundreds more for similar events around the area.

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May 5, 2019

It was 1998 when former Rochester Mayor, Bill Johnson, founded an outreach program focused on helping and inspiring young lives - lives at risk of getting involved in crime or violence for the sake of survival. Fast-forward 21 years and much has changed in our world, but Pathways to Peace is still dedicated to its founding mission. It’s a program with success stories that often go unnoticed, in part, because success is anything but “cookie cutter” when it comes to helping teens know their value. Learn learn what’s new with the outreach effort and how it continues its work to build trust with teens.

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May 2, 2019

An effort that launched more than two decades ago in Rochester to engage youth on city streets and to help teens find alternatives to drugs, gangs, and violence, is still operating. You'll see how how the effort is working, what’s changed, and you'll learn how residents have a role in helping young people find a pathway to peace.

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