What does it take for athletes to fulfill their Olympic and Paralympic dreams? Talent, training, and coaching, of course, but what about funding? One local Olympic hopeful says between coaching and training costs, hotel room fees and living expenses, medical bills, competition entry fees, and plane tickets, the costs can amount to $25,000 per year.

A local non-profit's mission is to provide financial support to athletes. We learn about the Greater Rochester Amateur Athletic Federation (GRAAF) from former and current grant recipients. Our guests:

  • Mike Ingham, president of GRAAF and former GRAAF recipient (Olympic sailing)
  • Miranda Melville, current GRAAF recipient (training for Olympic trials in race walking)
  • Anja Pierce, current GRAAF recipient (training for trials in para-kayaking)
  • Emily Wright, current GRAAF recipient (training for Olympic trials in kayaking)
  • Iris Zimmerman, member of GRAAF's Board of Directors and former GRAAF recipient (Olympic fencing)