Noelle E. C. Evans | WXXI News

Thirty detainees have tested positive for the coronavirus at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility in Batavia, the center’s second COVID-19 outbreak since the pandemic began.

Monroe County Jail

Coronavirus cases at the Monroe County Jail have nearly doubled in a matter of days, and quadrupled since last week. 

As of Friday morning, 33 inmates and 24 jail staff have tested positive for the coronavirus. That puts the positivity rate in the jail at about 4%, lower than the county’s 7.17% rate as of Friday afternoon.

provided by Sergeant Matthew Bottone

Monroe County Jail is working to get a COVID-19 outbreak under control as at least 18 inmates have tested positive for coronavirus as of Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, the sheriff's office said 15 inmates and 18 jail staff tested positive for the coronavirus.