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Brittan Hardgers

Friday was National Coming Out Day. While it's being celebrated, the Supreme Court is considering the employment rights of LGBTQ workers.

Members of Rochester’s gay and trans community shared their experiences of coming out, and what this political moment means for them.

Tamara Leigh is with Rochester's Out Alliance, an organization that provides resources and programs for the local LGBTQ community. She came out later in life, when she felt safe to do so, she says.

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It has been 50 years since the Stonewall uprising in New York City, and over the weekend, the Rochester LGBTQ community and its supporters participated in the annual ROC Pride parade held Saturday on Park Avenue, while also honoring Rochester’s own gay rights history.

The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar in Greenwich Village where a police raid sparked a rebellion that fueled the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

A watershed moment for the LGBTQ community took place 50 years ago Friday -- the Stonewall uprising in New York City. 

As the Out Alliance’s Tamara Leigh said, Stonewall was a moment where members of the LGBTQ population had enough. 

World AIDS Day is Saturday. We're be joined by representatives from Trillium Health and the Out Alliance to discuss the latest in HIV/AIDS research and treatment.

In studio:

  • Dr. Bill Valenti, M.D., chief of innovation and staff physician at Trillium Health
  • Josh Elsenheimer, innovation outreach supervisor and PrEP specialist at Trillium Health
  • Ernest Wilson, patient and founding member of the Positive Warriors Support Group at Trillium Health
  • Tamara Leigh, director of communication for the Out Alliance

Ending a year and a half of uncertainty, the Rochester Institute of Technology is offering hormone therapy to transgender students.

The school had fired a doctor for providing the therapy, which helps transgender people’s physical characteristics align more closely with their gender identities, last year.

At the beginning of this year’s fall academic term, RIT said it would “offer a wider spectrum of care” for transgender students, “most notably the addition of gender affirming hormone therapy.”

We're joined by members of the Landmark Society and the Out Alliance to talk about historic places in our community that have played a pivotal role in the LGBTQ movement. Those organizations are leading a new walking tour that is part of the Landmark Society's LGBTQ Landmark Initiative

We discuss the initiative and Rochester's contributions to the LGBTQ movement. In studio:

  • Larry Francer, associate director of preservation for the Landmark Society of Western NY
  • Wayne Goodman, executive director of the Landmark Society of Western NY
  • Carol Ebersole-Weiss, member of the national board of governors for the Human Rights Campaign, and western new coordinator of the Human Rights Campaign of Greater New York
  • Evelyn Bailey, historian for the Out Alliance