North Clinton Avenue

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Community leaders gathered at the Father Tracy Advocacy Center Friday to ask for help from police and the community for their own safety and the protection of the La Marketa International Plaza. The idea for the plaza goes back to the 1970’s. It was completed last year.

“Look at that field of life. We’re making progress here,” said Rudy Rivera CEO of the advocacy center, while pointing across the street to La Marketa. “It ain’t easy but we’re making progress. The line between life and death. That’s where we stand. In that middle divide. It's a lonely place to be but it's the right place to be.”

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St. Michael’s Church has been a cornerstone in the city of Rochester’s North Clinton Avenue neighborhood for over a century.

The future of the historic church has come into question in recent years because of low attendance and financial troubles within the Roman Catholic diocese of Rochester.

In an attempt to save St. Michael's community members have submitted a plan to church and diocesan leadership to take over the campus. Now, they’re putting pressure on the diocese to make a decision.

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On Sunday afternoon, La Marketa at the International Plaza made its long-awaited debut.

Hundreds of people weaved in and out of the outdoor marketplace, greeting friends as they purchased food and other items from vendors selling anything from fresh produce to jewelry.

The Latin-themed marketplace and event space is located on North Clinton Avenue, near St. Michael's church, the visual cornerstone to Rochester's largest Latinx community.