It's our Monthly Science Roundtable, and we're heading out to the Rochester Museum and Science Center, which is hosting its Science on the Edge Lecture series.

We explore the physics of photovoltaics, the electrical signals that drive our brains, and the science of frogs. Yes, frogs: there's so much to learn from a species that is able to adapt to so many environments, from sure-footed tree frogs, to Argentinian horned frogs, to jewel-toned poison dart frogs. Our guests:

  • Dan Menelly, chief program officer for science and technology, RMSC
  • John O’Donnell, M.S., Ph.D. candidate, University of Rochester Medical Center (research focus: astrocytic responses to neuromodulators)
  • Stephen Polly, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology (research focus: microsystems)

It's our monthly science roundtable, and we'll meet two scientists earning accolades for their impressive work before the age of 30. One studies the way infants learn to speak; the other works in the field of neuroscience. In studio:

David Paul, graduate student at the University of Rochester

Elika Bergelson, University of Rochester assistant professor