Need to Know

It’s a program many haven’t heard of even though it’s been around for more than 50 years. What you need to know about America’s Migrant Education Program specifically in the Rochester region. On this edition of Need to Know we’re talking outcomes, challenges, and if the program is really helping to break a cycle of poverty.

Also on the show, it’s strong confident women who raise the bar. That’s the motto of a Rochester man determined to uplift and build women through positivity, community, and evidence-based health and wellness.

Creating a self-generating culture of awesomeness is the simple, yet profound mission of The Awesome Foundation, Rochester Chapter. The local branch of this global community gives out a thousand dollars at a time, in the form of micro grants, to advance a wide range of projects and initiatives spearheaded by Rochester residents intended to make all of us fall in love with our city and, of course, recognize its awesomeness. On this edition of Need to Know we learn how it works and the light the project is hoping to shine on Rochester.

It's been called everything from "an experiment" to "a project." Now that a five year partnership between East High and the University of Rochester has been renewed, what's next, or rather, what should be next? Some graduating seniors have a few thoughts. We'll hear from them and their leader, Shaun Nelms, on this edition of Need to Know.

Also on the show, if you happen to have an idea that would make Rochester more awesome there may be some no-strings-attached funding to help launch that idea. We'll learn how it works.

Providing dignity to lives lost to homelessness while helping those in need get into the workplace. That’s the driving force of a local program called Memorials Co-op Ink – an effort of Saint Joseph’s House of Hospitality. The group creates wooden burial caskets and urns for indigent community members after death. Members of the group join this edition of Need to Know to explain the impact of this project not just in honoring the dead, but also in providing more life for the living.

When Daphne Pariser was 10-years-old, she traveled to Kenya with her father. What she saw on this trip would change her life forever. It was on a bus ride through Nairobi when she came face-to-face with a young boy living in extreme poverty. It was a moment that launched a life purpose for a 10-year-old girl. Fast-forward and the now University of Rochester PhD student is the Founder and CEO of Humans for Education. The nonprofit works to empower children and revolutionize global communities by working with locals to help them develop sustainable long-term solutions to poverty.

Find out how a childhood experience spurred a local woman to find solutions to age-old problems far away from Rochester. Plus, providing dignity for Rochester’s indigent community after death.

It’s not easy for those impacted by substance abuse and the criminal justice system to find a new footing rooted in resilience. But one Rochester woman is on a mission to make it possible. We learn why some say she and the Samaritan Center of Excellence is changing our community one second chance at a time. 

It’s not easy for those impacted by substance abuse and the criminal justice system to find a new footing rooted in resilience. But one Rochester woman is on a mission to make it possible. We learn why some say she’s changing our community one second chance at a time.

Also on the show, storytelling is one of those unique tools that has the ability to connect all people. And stories about moms, step-moms, grandmas, and other mother figures can be especially powerful and transformative. Find out what it really means to “Listen to Your Mother.”

HPV is described by some as “the common cold” of sexually transmitted diseases and yet it can impact people in ways they may not realize or understand. On this edition of Need to Know we examine HPV and discuss how to help prevent it.

Also on the show, the rise of movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp  have helped shift the way theatre productions and films approach intimate scenes. We’ll introduce you to the world of intimacy choreography in Rochester.

And we’ll meet a group of young explorers in our region learning how to use the great outdoors to make important discoveries.

Rochester is often praised for its dynamic arts scene. But just how inclusive and equitable is that scene? Members of a recently formed arts group say, in so many words, not enough. So, they decided to do something about it. A number of heavy-hitters in the arts world - many renowned in Rochester and, some, around the world - recently launched the WOC Art Collaborative. The multi-generational collective of black women and women of color creators are advocating for each other and finding ways to support other creatives in Rochester working to impact the community.