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Adjunct faculty at Nazareth College approved their first union contract Wednesday.

A statement from Local 200 United said the majority of adjuncts will receive 50% pay raises spread out over the next four years. A union spokesperson said most Nazareth adjuncts make about $2,700 per course. 

The deal also includes longer-term contracts and professional development funding.

The wage increases will be retroactive, so qualifying adjuncts will receive pay increases for this semester’s courses. 

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Anthony Zastrow is a senior at Penfield High School. On Monday morning, though, he was hustling up and down a basketball court in the new Golisano Training Center at Nazareth College.

Zastrow was playing on an inclusive basketball team made up of high schoolers with and without disabilities. Still catching his breath after subbing out in the first quarter of his first game at the training center, Zastrow described his team.

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Nazareth College on Saturday night took the wraps off the new Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center.

Located adjacent to the Nazareth College Arts Center, the $15.5 million building includes a 550-seat venue designed specifically for the acoustics of large instrumental ensembles.

Nazareth College President Daan Braveman says that music is now the 2nd largest major at the college. And he says even for students who are not majoring in music, this new space will help them continue their musical interest. 

Nazareth College

After more than a year of construction, Nazareth College is getting ready to take the wraps of its new Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center.

The $15.5 million facility is located adjacent to the Nazareth College Arts Center, and it includes a 550-seat venue designed specifically for the acoustics of large instrumental ensembles.

Rita Mannelli is the Executive Director for the Arts Center.  She says having the new building is important because nearly 20 percent of the Nazareth College student body are in the Department of Music.

College presidents sound off on free tuition

Apr 10, 2017

Representatives from private and public schools are reacting to the proposal in the new state budget that provides free tuition at public colleges and universities for middle classe students.

Daan Braveman is president at Nazareth College, a private school.

He argues the free tuition through the Excelsior Scholarship program is not as robust as media reports make it out to be, and private schools recognize the need to make college accessible and affordable.

Braveman says private schools educate as many people from poor families as the four year public schools.

When Nazareth College President Daan Braveman said on a recent show that the cost of college is not rising as much as people think, many listeners called or wrote to the program, asking for clarification.

We look at the facts: actual price versus sticker price. Help for low-income families. Needs-blind admissions. The impact of schools being pushed to have much nicer amenities. In the end, we hope to have a clearer picture about the cost of higher education for students, families, and taxpayers. Our guests:

  • Daan Braveman, president of Nazareth College
  • Ian Mortimer, vice president for enrollment management at Nazareth College

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) has been under fire lately, with the New York Times writing, in an editorial, "It's time for Hillary Clinton to ban foreign donations to the Clinton Global Initiative." The Times is concerned about influence peddling.

So, what is the CGI? The initiative conducts work across the world, and earlier this month, CGI welcomed 1,000 college students to CGI University. The students had to present a "commitment to action" to make their communities better. Nazareth College had eight students selected, and we're going to meet five of them. We'll find out what it was like to meet and hear advice from the Clintons; we'll ask them about the future of public service; and we'll see if they think the recent public outcry about CGI is valid. Our guests:

Adam Lewandowski, Nazareth College Associate Director for the Center for Civic Engagement and CGI University's liaison at Nazareth

Nazareth Students:
Hayley Johnson
Danielle Mensing
Sylan Kim
Alyson Durant
Paul Lippert

Nazareth College

It all began with one Gorbel employee, says President Brian Reh, who was going through physical therapy with her daughter.

"The idea came originally from one of our employees who had experienced first-hand how tough it was to go through gait rehabilitation with the current lack of technology. We had a lot of great things we were doing in the industrial technology sector, and she came forward and said, What if we could apply this to the health field?"

Need To Know Rochester: The Printmakers

Dec 14, 2012

A Contemporary African American Printmakers exhibit at the Gallery at the Nazareth College Arts Center shows that prints are an original piece of artwork, and that special techniques are used to make them.

Click here to find out when you can view the exhibit.

Nazareth College: Tobacco-Free Campus?

Dec 6, 2012
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Tobacco-free campuses are a growing trend across the country and a few local universities and colleges are considering joining that trend. According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation there are more than 600 schools in the U.S. that have made the decision to go entirely tobacco-free.