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Jon Seiger was 32 years old when he lost his hearing to an infection. He calls the experience “surreal.”

“Just walking through the world and breathing and not hearing your own breath all of the sudden was very odd,” he says. “And it made life feel bizarre and surreal, and I was kind of separated from the world.”

Bill Tiberio inspires students, fellow teachers

Mar 31, 2018

You may know Bill Tiberio as a saxophonist –  he has a band that plays around town. Or as a conductor – he leads the Music Educators Wind Ensemble and Music Educators Big Band based at the Eastman Community Music School. Or, as a teacher - he has inspired generations of music students as a teacher at Fairport High School for over 30 years.  

Tiberio grew up in Fairport, where he found himself drawn to music as a kid, playing clarinet in the school band. His early teachers left a strong an impression:

Legendary rocker Steve Miller alienated quite a few current musicians with his comments at his recent Hall of Fame induction. Miller's remarks struck some as entitled, ungracious, and lacking understanding in how difficult it is for modern musicians to make a living in the industry.

We take a look at what he said, and we discuss the challenge of making it in music with local artists trying to break through. Our guests:

Kaki King is one of the most extraordinary guitarists in the world today. She will perform at The Little Theatre on Thursday, February 25 at 8:00 p.m. She joins us to talk about her body of work.

Some Musicians are Singing the "Healthcare Blues"

Jun 27, 2012

 Many artists say finding affordable health insurance is like trying to find a guitar pick in a haystack. WXXI's LeShea Agnew reports on how local artists are coping with the high cost of monthly premiums on a less than stable income.