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It is a homecoming of sorts at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester. Anoki, a female polar bear that was born that zoo in 1996 will be coming back.

Anoki, who left the Rochester zoo in 1998 to go to Albuquerque Biological Park, then was moved to the Maryland zoo in 2008.

The Seneca Park Zoo has been without a polar bear since April, when Aurora died of age-related causes.

Anoki was born at the local zoo in 1996 to Aurora and Yukon. Yukon died in 2008.


Hours after Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo said  she is not going to seek the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor, gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro announced that Julie Killian, a former Deputy Mayor in Rye (Westchester County), and former NYS Senate candidate will be his running mate.

Dinolfo co-chaired a committee for gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro to help him find a running mate, was herself, believed to be a top contender.


Many names have been bandied about as a possible running mate for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro.

That includes Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, who co-chairs Molinaro’s search committee.

Molinaro tells the public radio program  The Capitol Pressroom (heard weeknights on WXXI from 11:00 p.m. to Midnight), that he’s overwhelmed by the number of very qualified people who have expressed interest in running, including Dinolfo.              


There’s some speculation about whether Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo might be a candidate for Lt. Governor this year.

13WHAM News on Friday says it has learned that Dinolfo is a top choice for Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro.

Dinolfo is already heading up Molinaro’s search committee for Lieutenant Governor.

The Monroe County Legislature approved the 2018 budget Tuesday night by a vote of 26 to 3.

The budget totals nearly $1.2 billion, which Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo says holds spending growth to 1.3%, below the rate of inflation which is 2.2%.

Dinolfo also says it keeps the property tax rate flat and funds economic development initiative and quality of life services.

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo unveiled a $1.2 billion budget on Tuesday. She says for the second straight year, the spending plan holds the county property tax rate flat at $8.99 per $1,000 of assessed value. Dinolfo also says the budget holds overall spending growth to 1.3 percent, well below the rate of inflation.

And the county executive says her 2018 budget plan reduces the two-year forecasted structural deficit by $8.2 million to $36.4 million.

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Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo talked a lot about jobs and the economy in her first State of the County address on Wednesday night.

She delivered it at the site of what will be MCC’s new downtown campus this fall, next to Kodak’s headquarters on State Street. Dinolfo first took office in January 2016, but did not give a State of the County address last year.

When Cheryl Dinolfo was Monroe County Clerk, did she neglect her duty to help gun owners who wanted privacy?

Adam Bello, the current clerk, told the Democrat & Chronicle that there are at least 13,000 and as many as 20,000 opt-out forms just sitting in file cabinets, unprocessed, dating back to 2013. "Opting out" means the pistol permit holder wants to shield their name and address from being publicly disclosed. Other counties processed the requests, but apparently, Monroe County did not.

We discuss what this means for gun owners and the SAFE Act with our guests:

We discuss the plea deal related to an LDC case made by Bob Wiesner, former security director for the Monroe County Water Authority and husband of former County Executive Maggie Brooks.

The story raises continued questions about ethics in county government. Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo has issued a proposal to create an Office of Public Integrity, but some say it's not enough, since the proposal would allow Dinolfo to appoint and fire the director of the office. Our guests discuss what an ethics office should look like. In studio:

  • David Riley, civic engagement reporter, Democrat and Chronicle
  • James Sheppard, Monroe County legislator and former director of the City of Rochester's Office of Public Integrity

*Correction: The County Legislature will vote on the County Executive's proposal in March, not on Tuesday, February 9, as indicated in the podcast. 

TINA MACINTYRE-YEE, Democrat and Chronicle

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