Monroe County Board of Elections Commissioner


Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and some Democratic Monroe County legislators are challenging the county attorney’s legal opinion on the process of appointing a new Democratic county elections commissioner an ostensibly routine procedure that has been plagued by party infighting for months.

The Monroe County Board of Elections, like other elections boards in New York, is overseen by a pair of co-commissioners, a Republican and a Democrat.

Colleen Anderson, the Democratic Monroe County elections commissioner, announced Wednesday that she will step down after six months on the job to join the administration of County Executive Adam Bello.

Her departure follows that of her Republican counterpart, Douglas French, who stepped down earlier this month.

Anderson, the former deputy commissioner who ascended to her post in August following the retirement of the longtime commissioner, Thomas Ferrarese, said in an email to party leaders that she was leaving to become the county's purchasing manager.

It looks like a special election to fill out the term in the 27th Congressional District will be held April 28, the same day that the presidential primary will be held.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has not yet formally announced that date, but an official with the  New York Attorney General’s office indicated in court Monday that is the date that Cuomo will set for an election to fill the seat previously held by Republican Chris Collins, who resigned last September. Collins resigned at around the time he also pleaded guilty to charges in an insider trading case.

The state's first-ever early balloting period started Saturday. Voters can cast votes at select polling locations until Nov 3, instead of waiting until Election Day, Nov. 5.

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul was expected to vote Saturday in Buffalo. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed legislation in January authorizing early voting, hasn't said if he'll vote in the early period, or on Election Day.

New York is a latecomer to early voting. All but 12 states already had it. Advocates hope expanded ballot box access will increase turnout.

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Registered voters in Monroe County will be able to cast their ballots at seven early voting sites starting Saturday.


For a nine-day stretch from Saturday, Oct. 26, through Sunday, Nov. 3, you can cast your vote ahead of Election Day. It’s the first year for early voting in New York state, and the Monroe County Board of Elections is preparing seven locations where you can cast your vote.

Republican elections Commissioner Doug French says registered voters can go to any of the polling sites.

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Friday is the last day to register if you want to vote in the Nov. 5 general election. 

If you make the deadline either by registering in person or postmarking your application on time, you are eligible to vote early as well. It’s the first year for early voting in New York state, and seven polling sites will be open from Oct. 26 through Nov. 3.

If you miss the deadline, you still have options.