minimum wage increase


UR Medicine Home Care has announced that beginning in July, the agency will move to a $15 per hour minimum wage for personal care aides and other hourly positions.

Home Health Aides will have a starting rate of $15.50 per hour.


The University of Rochester said is committing to setting its minimum wage at $15 an hour by December 2022.

University of Rochester President Sarah Manglesdorf said the commitment to the $15 an hour minimum wage is an acknowledgment of the university’s obligation as the area’s largest employer and also being committed to efforts at dealing with structural racism.

New York State is getting ready to raise the minimum wage to $12.50 per hour. That increase will take effect at the end of this year. Business groups are asking the state to delay the minimum wage increase. They argue that the pandemic is a bad time to increase costs for businesses. Workers respond that the increase is long overdue.

Our guests debate it:

Metro Justice

Minimum wage is rising across New York state on New Year’s Eve. Activists for workers’ rights celebrate the change, while some business owners are wary.

Leading into 2020, the hourly minimum wage for workers in upstate New York will rise to $11.80. For tipped workers, it will be $7.85 an hour.

Peter Gines is the owner of Jine's Restaurant. He says tipped workers account for more than half of the employees at the Park Avenue diner.