New York state is operating under a new set of metrics to determine pandemic-related shutdowns. But some, including restaurant owners, are finding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new criteria difficult to decipher, and worry it will mean more eateries will soon be out of business.

The state is already using a microcluster approach based on the rising positivity rate of the virus in a region. An area is declared a yellow, orange or red zone, with corresponding restrictions, including limits on public gatherings and potential closures of businesses like gyms and hair salons.

Governor Cuomo's office

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared more regions as microcluster coronavirus hot zones as the rate of COVID-19 continues to climb in New York.

The new designations come as New York City’s mayor closed the city’s schools effective Thursday, as the virus rate there reached 3%.

Cuomo is changing some yellow zones in western New York to orange zones. Effective Friday, there will be new restrictions on religious gatherings, along with some business closures, including gyms, hair salons and tattoo parlors. Indoor dining is banned.

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New York state officials have designated the city of Rochester and several Monroe County towns as a COVID-19 microcluster, a move that brings with it some restrictions as well as additional testing in schools.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the designation during a call with reporters Monday, though the move had been expected since last week.

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Hospitalizations in New York due to COVID-19 have more than doubled over the last month, with the state reporting more than 1,000 hospitalizations Friday for the first time in four months.

Hospitalizations were up to 1,023 on Thursday, according to data released by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday. Exactly one month ago Friday, hospitalizations were at 490 in New York.