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City of Rochester

Around the time that a Rochester police officer pulled out her pepper spray to use on a 9-year-old-girl, Mike Mazzeo, the president of the Rochester Police Locust Club union, pulled out a pen to sign a lawsuit contesting recent appointments by the police chief to the Rochester Police Department’s top brass.

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The president of the union representing Rochester police officers on Monday offered tepid praise for the selection of Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan as the city's new interim police chief.

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Addressing the death of Daniel Prude publicly for the first time, the president of the Rochester police union said Friday that the officers involved in Prude's arrest conducted themselves consistent with their training.

New York State Supreme Court Judge John Ark said that Local Law Number 2 which created the board for the city of Rochester will not stand. That law was passed by City Council last May and overwhelmingly approved by voters in November.

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The City of Rochester is looking for someone to lead the independent Police Accountability Board. A job opening for the executive director of the board was posted on the city’s website.

The controversial board was approved by voters in November and was expected to have the power to investigate and punish police officers who it deemed guilty of misconduct.

Monroe County's top cops shun 'annoyance law'

Dec 4, 2019
James Brown / WXXI

A trio of Monroe County's most visible law enforcement officers -- the county sheriff, Rochester's police chief, and the city's police union president -- on Wednesday decried a new county law outlawing intentionally annoying an officer or other first responder.