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Early voting has been consistently busy in Livingston County, with wait times of about 30 minutes, said Democratic Elections Commissioner Dave DiPasquale. 

He said just over 1,000 people voted early last year. This year, the county surpassed that total in less than three days. He said the busiest day so far was Wednesday, when nearly 800 people voted.

The Livingston County Department of Health and SUNY Geneseo are reporting a small cluster of positive COVID-19 cases among the SUNY Geneseo student population.

According to Jennifer Rodriguez, Livingston County Public Health Director, four female SUNY Geneseo students in their 20s who reside off-campus in the same Geneseo household have tested positive for the virus. These individuals are now in the quarantine process, isolating in their residence.

Livingston County is taking steps to deal with losses in revenues from sales tax and state aid, a situation a number of counties and local governments are facing.


Data from the Monroe County Health Department say hospitalizations for the coronavirus have reached a new high. As of Sunday night, 124 people were hospitalized. 

There were 46 new confirmed cases and one person died bringing the total of COVID-19 deaths in the county to 172. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Monroe County’s Department of Public Health released new numbers on COVID-19 cases on Sunday which show one new death, and 33 new confirmed cases since Saturday.

The total number of deaths is now up to 127.

The newly confirmed COVID-19 cases range from a girl under 10 years old, to men and women in their 80s, with the other cases spread throughout the ages in-between.

Of the 1,537 confirmed cases, 105 people are hospitalized. 22 of those 105 patients are in ICU on a ventilator.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The number of people in Monroe County who have died from COVID-19 has reached 99, including three since Friday, the county health department said Saturday evening. 

Of the 1,257 confirmed cases, 101 people are currently hospitalized, and 29 of them are on a ventilator. 

Among the 40 new cases in the county since Friday is one boy under the age of 10, the health department said.

In Livingston County, officials said there have been two new cases of the virus since Friday, bringing the county’s total to 59.

Livingston County/YouTube

Livingston County Administrator Ian Coyle took to YouTube Thursday to update residents on issues related to the coronavirus pandemic, ranging from testing to local food distribution.

Coyle said 635 people in Livingston County have been tested.  That amounts to about one percent of the population.

He said that in partnership with Noyes Health at the University of Rochester Medical Center, efforts are underway to greatly expand testing.

Livingston County health officials say that four new positive cases of COVID-19 indicate a cluster of cases among county government staff.

According to Jennifer Rodriguez, Livingston County Public Health Director, these individuals and any associated household members are now in the LCDOH quarantine process.

Livingston County Administrator Ian Coyle says that anyone who visited the following location may have been exposed to COVID-19:

Livingston County Department of Health
Building #2
Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris, NY

Livingston County has its first death related to COVID-19. Officials with the county health department say it involved a man in his 20s from Caledonia who died suddenly at home, and was COVID-19 positive.

He died last Saturday. Prior to his death, the man had not been tested for the virus, and he was not someone who the Livingston County Department of Health had been investigating for possible exposure. Officials say that one household remember related to this case has tested negative for the virus, but they will remain under mandatory guidance to closely monitor any symptoms.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Two people in Livingston County remain in quarantine over coronavirus concerns as a third person has tested negative for the virus and is no longer under quarantine.

The two people still in isolation have no symptoms, county public health director Jennifer Rodriguez said, but they recently returned from travel in Italy, where COVID-19 is widespread.