live music

How about a little music? "HomeStage at the Little" is a new concert series produced by WXXI and the Little Theatre. The pandemic has changed the landscape for local artists, but the series gives them an opportunity to perform live sessions (audience-free) that can be watched by the community. The episodes include music, interviews, and more.

We preview the series with some of the artists:

Aaron Winters

COVID-19 has put a stranglehold on live music. Several words and phrases have been added to our pandemic lexicon, such as “new normal” and “physically distanced.” All musicians who perform regularly have had to reconsider their approaches -- and many looking for gigs during quarantine have gotten lost in the shuffle.

But there are also those musicians who have been able to secure gigs despite scarce opportunities -- those who play what New York state considers “incidental music.”

Aaron Winters

Rochester’s bar and music scenes are reeling after clarifications on guidelines from the New York State Liquor Authority that put an abrupt end to the ticketed concerts that have been on the rise at bars and venues across the state.

The clarification stipulates that live music has to be incidental, meaning it cannot be advertised. Bars cannot charge people to hear music, and they cannot promote the music performances, even those as modest as a singer-songwriter providing background music to guests.