When it comes to literacy, we're number... seven? A new world ranking has Finland leading the way, and western hemisphere nations are struggling. It's national Children's Book Week, and we're focusing on what kids are reading.

We discuss the vital nature of literacy, along with efforts to identify the great books for kids. Our guests:

The school year is quickly coming to an end, which means students of all ages will spend months outside of classrooms and formal instruction. Experts say summer learning loss can contribute to gaps in student achievement, especially in low income communities. So what can parents and caregivers do to help close the gap? Our guests:

In this hour of "Connections: Education Friday", we discuss dealing with summer learning loss, and how to encourage students to read. 

To start the show, we spend a few minutes with Linda Hampton, the longtime tournament organizer for the Wegmans LPGA Championship, to discuss the impact of the LPGA's announcement the event is moving to the New York City area in 2015

We then spend the rest of the hour discussing the impact of illiteracy in Rochester, and how Literacy Volunteers of Rochester (LVR) is trying to eradicate it. We talk with LVR Executive Director Bob Mahar, who is joined by Jennifer Stevens, Delmi Rivera, Jake Pietruszewski, and Irina Statnikova.