Kyle G. Johnson
Genesee County Sheriffs Photo

A four hour standoff Tuesday with police in Genesee County left one man dead and his neighbor under arrest.

Sheriff Gary Maha says 53-year old Kyle Johnson from LeRoy may have been upset that his Selden Road home was being foreclosed upon. Maha says just before 4 am, Johnson burst into his neighbor’s home about three-tenths of a mile down the street.

"The suspect then went downstairs to a downstairs bedroom where the victim was sleeping and he shot him with a .12-guage shotgun and then he fled the scene on foot."

After extensive testing at LeRoy High School, results show the mysterious illness plaguing more than a dozen students there was not caused by threats from air, water or soil on school grounds.

Students suddenly developed tic-like symptoms earlier this year, the illnesses prompted the environmental tests performed by Leader Professional Services.

President of the company, Michael Rumrill, explains the findings to WXXI's Alex Crichton. 

Dr. Rosario Trifiletti is a licensed Child Neurologist from New York State who now practices in New Jersey.

He will travel back to New York this Sunday to meet with at least 12 girls from LeRoy High School who have been diagnosed with a rare and inexplicable medical condition.

Doctors have deemed the condition "Conversion Disorder" but the girls' unexplainable Tourette-like behaviors are not improving. They have sudden and painful twitches and verbal outbursts.