Kobe Bryant

A local writer and activist has generated some buzz with a piece he’s written about the legacy of Kobe Bryant. Writing as a guest blogger for 540 West Main Communiversity, Chris Thompson explores what he calls Bryant’s complicated legacy and his own mixed feelings about the late basketball superstar. Thompson says the amount of vitriol aimed at Bryant days after his death seems disproportionate, adding “any praise for his life is not an attack on his accuser, and sympathy for his accuser is not an attack on his legacy.” 

This hour, Thompson joins us in studio to discuss his piece, his thoughts on teaching consent and sexuality to men, Bryant’s legacy, and more. In studio:

Provided by Alex Yudelson

"Shocked and numb" is how Alex Yudelson described his response to the news that basketball legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

"I'm still speechless about it, frankly," he said. "It's almost like you don't believe it because he just seemed invincible."

Yudelson, who is now Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's chief of staff, was working as a policy adviser to then-President Barack Obama when he first met Bryant in late 2014.