international trade

“Sometimes the panic sets in,” Lyn Lessard said. “It’s the worst part of my job.”

Lessard handles drug purchasing for Rochester Regional Health’s Unity Hospital in Greece, where drug shortages -- many caused by manufacturing and supply problems -- have become routine.

“It really is the new normal,” Lessard said. “You have to find something to help these patients. You can’t put this on the back burner. It’s got to be the first thing that you’re working on, all the time.”

Honda makes Accords in Ohio, which raises an interesting question: at what point does a Honda Accord become "North American," and eligible for free export into Canada or Mexico under NAFTA? How many parts need to be domestic for this consideration?

In the world of global supply chains, it's easy to get confused about what is and is not an American product. And when trade deals are coming together, someone has to draw that line, and then police it. 

We sit down with Rob Shum, a professor of political science and international studies at SUNY Brockport (who also happens to have been a Canadian representative on the NAFTA Committee on Trade in Goods), and Jeongho Choi, an assistant professor in the School of Business at St. John Fisher College, to discuss how these deals come together, and what questions they would have for how the mysterious TPP is constructed.

Connections: Rochester's Role in International Trade

Jun 16, 2015

There’s no issue bigger than international trade right now in Washington…and locally, trade is a big topic, too. On Thursday, Greater Rochester Enterprise hosts the Upstate New York Trade Conference. We’ll talk with several GRE leaders and representatives from area businesses about Rochester’s trade picture and how it could be improved. Our guests:

  • Mark Peterson, Greater Rochester Enterprise president & CEO 
  • Leah George, GRE managing director of International Trade
  • John DeLuca, Liberty Pumps international sales manager
  • Scott Bass, president of Advanced Language Translation