A report released Tuesday offers data about the Rochester region’s health.

The Community Health Indicator Report found that in the 13 counties around the region, smoking is higher than the national average, as is obesity.

The report also found that about two-thirds of people in the region who have high blood pressure have the condition under control. Around 74 percent of people with diabetes are managing their condition as well, the research found.

Increasing Awareness Saves Lives

Feb 3, 2012

February 3rd is National Wear Red Day.

It's designed to promotes heart disease awareness and according to health officials at Highland Hospital, 1 in 5 people do not have their hearts checked every year by a physician as advised.

Dr. Chad Teeters is the Chief of Cardiology at Highland Hospital.

"The goal now is to try to prevent heart disease from ever occurring, not just keeping people from dying from it."