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Who doesn't love pizza? An American favorite, pizza comes in all types, including New York pizza. In downtown Rochester, one place specializes in New York pizza, The Pizza Stop. We brought in owner Jim Staffieri to ask him - How do you make New York Pizza?

Some people will jokingly say that their favorite coffee shop is their "other office". A recent Washington Post article highlighted shop owners who will tell customers that their place of business is not a place to conduct business all day. 

How do you know when you've stayed to long at a coffee shop? We asked that to Leigha Dalton, manager of Pour Coffee Parlor in Rochester.

Finished in 1965, the Inner Loop was designed to get people around downtown Rochester quickly and ease congestion. The Inner Loop's usage has declined and the City of Rochester has decided to fill in the loop between Monroe Avenue and East Avenue in order to bring together the neighborhoods that were divided by the highway. City of Rochester Engineer Jim McIntosh tells us - How do you fill an inner loop? 

The City of Rochester, and other municipalities, are making the roads more friendly for bicyclists. But for those that want to commute on two wheels, there are rules that we need to follow, especially at intersections. How should we behave at an intersection when we're on a bike? We asked Shana Lydon of Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport to give us advice.

Have you been on an airplane lately? Have you noticed how some people will dress for air travel? People used to dress up for air travel, but the unwritten rules have relaxed. A lot. So if you want to make an impression, how do you dress for air travel? We asked our resident stylist, Helene Biandudi Hofer, host of WXXI's Need To Know and owner of JournaStyle how and why we should dress for air travel.

It’s a new edition of How Do You Do That? Our listeners asked questions, and we enlisted experts to help provide the answers. We’ll be answering:

  • How do dress for air travel? Answered by our own Helene Biandudi-Hofer of Journastyle
  • How do you know you’ve stayed too long at your favorite coffee shop? Answered by Leigha Dalton, manager of Pour Coffee Parlor
  • How do you make an authentic Brooklyn-style pizza? Answered by Jim Staffieri, owner of The Pizza Stop
  • How do you fill an inner loop? Answered by Jim McIntosh, Rochester City Engineer
  • And – if you’re serious about riding a bicycle to work, how do you behave on a bicycle at busy intersections? Answered by Shana Lydon of Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport

Do you have to be a trained actor to learn a foreign accent? No you don’t, this is a skill that anyone can learn. As part of our new “How Do You Do That?” series on “Connections”, Evan Dawson sat down with actress Sammi Cohen and asked her how she prepares for a role that involves a foreign accent. 

Fresh (and properly) roasted coffee is delicious. But, we wondered, if there’s a way to roast coffee at home? As part of our new “How Do You Do That?” series on “Connections”, Evan Dawson asked Renee Colon from Fuego Coffee Roasters how you can roast your coffee at home.

Do you have an idea for a book you’d like to write, but don’t think it can be published? You can self-publish a book, and it’s not hard at all. As part of our new “How Do You Do That?” series on “Connections”, Evan Dawson talks with Nina Alvarez of Dream Your Book Literary Services about how you can self-publish your first (or next) book.

The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival is in full swing. With so many artists performing at different times and at different venues venues, is it possible to visit every Jazz Fest venue in a single day? As part of our new “How Do You Do That?” series on “Connections”, Gary Craig from the Democrat & Chronicle accomplished this, and tells us how.