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Is it time to get rid of for-profit higher education?

Former University of Rochester student Kevin Connell makes some provocative arguments in his new book about the industry. He looks at marketing, recruiting, and he follows the money. Connell joins us in studio to talk about possible solutions.

A new grant program at Monroe Community College is aiming to keep students enrolled in school despite unexpected financial emergencies.

The program, called Dreamkeepers, provides mini-grants of up to $500 for students who have costs related to things like child care, transportation, or medical expenses that can't be covered through other means.

Lloyd Holmes, vice president of student services at MCC, says worries over financial problems can derail a student's education.

RIT says it is now considered a "doctoral university," by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. That's a change from the previous designation of "Masters - Comprehensive."

The change occurs when a university graduates more than 20 Ph.D. degrees per year, a figure that RIT has exceeded in recent years. Last May, RIT awarded 33 doctoral degrees in seven Ph.D. programs, the most in its history.

The Carnegie Classification has developed a framework which is widely used in the study of higher education.


A representative of Alfred University is taking a leave of absence to bring his award-winning non-violence program to Rochester in the new year.

Dan Napolitano's Art Force Five involves five college students who will lead community-based art projects throughout the city.



Second year college student, Valerie Hacker, has lost more than 200 course credits that she will never get back. Her hopes for a brighter future vanished last April after Corinthian Colleges, Inc. abruptly announced it would close all remaining Everest Institute locations across the country.

"I had to leave school early on a Tuesday because my father had fallen down and died of a heart attack while I was in class. Saturday I get the email saying that Everest is closing, so I’m like, 'You gotta be kidding me!'" says Hacker.

Sarah Ackroyd is a medical student at University of Rochester. She's studying to be an oncologist.

"As you can imagine the cost of education has been a lot for me, I've been in school for nearly ten years. And although I'm very grateful for the support that my parents and scholarship has provided for me, a lot of my education has been financed through federal loans."

One of those federal loan programs is the Perkins Loan. The program offers low interest rates, and deferment while in school, to help students that come from lower income households.

Deadline day for high school seniors who are committing to colleges for the fall is Thursday. If they're getting financial aid, they have to decide by then. It's a high-pressure week, and the rising cost of higher education has made it even more difficult. Our panel discusses the cost of higher ed, financial aid, and more:

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Higher education is becoming a major economic driver in many areas, including here in Rochester, where the University of Rochester is now the largest employer (remember when Kodak was?). So what does this mean for economic growth across the country? What roles do higher education institutions play in communities. We discuss this with our guest, Laura Anglin, president of the Independent Commission on Colleges and Universities. 

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