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School starts for most districts this week and next, and it’s the first time when New York Schools can supply their nurses with a drug to reverse the effects of a drug overdose. Many districts are still weighing the pros and cons of the decision, but nurses in Dansville had a Naloxone training session Wednesday. 

Naloxone is a drug that  stops an opioid  overdose. State legislators created new rules and funding that allows districts to stock the medication in the case of an overdose on school grounds.

Connections: More on Heroin in Rochester

Jul 31, 2015

We wrap up the great work that WXXI's Michelle Faust has done on the heroin epidemic in Rochester. We look back at the stories that made our "Heroin at Home" series, and play portions of interview that didn't make it to air.

Connections: The Impact of Addiction on Families

Jul 31, 2015

We wrap our month-long series "Heroin at Home" by looking at how heroin addiction impacts families. We brought in a mother to give us some real-world insight that's happening here in Rochester. Our guests:


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there’s the equivalent of one bottle of prescription painkillers for every adult American. Meanwhile, 46 people a day die from an overdose of those same painkillers. That’s why New York State is trying to curb the problem of over prescribing.


Your physical and mental health are considered equally important under state and federal law. It's called “mental health parity.”  Insurers haven’t always complied. State lawmakers' recent actions intend to take hurdles from insurance out of the long path to recovery from addiction.

Michelle Faust

Deaths from drug overdose have outpaced automobile accidents as the leading cause of injury in 35 states, including New York. But the state is making strides to curtail that trend. Physicians are integral to treating addiction, but the country has a shortage of doctors with training in the specialty.

Michelle Faust / WXXI

Heroin and opioid abuse and overdose deaths are on the rise; it is the leading cause of death in New York State. Monroe County had nearly 100 heroin overdoses last year. In this edition of Need To Know, we highlight an antidote that could reverse an overdose, and one mom - who lost her son to an overdose - is pushing for its use.

Connections: The Science and Dangers of Heroin

Jul 6, 2015

Continuing the discussion around heroin as part of our Heroin at Home series, we learn about the science and the dangers of heroin, and what we can do about it. We'll have sound clips from Jim Wesley, supervisor of the chemistry section of the Monroe County Public Safety Laboratory and more info from our panel:

  • Olinda Ford, associate director of the harm reduction initiative at Trillium Health
  • Dr. Timothy Wiegand, professor of emergency medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Elizabeth Burek, Rochester Drug Treatment Court

As part of our month-long series Heroin at Home, Michelle Faust joins Evan Dawson to talk about the beginnings of the recent heroin epidemic that is plaguing Rochester. Our guests:

Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic

Ben Allen, reporter at WITF

WATCH: Heroin and Opioid Abuse in ROC

Jul 6, 2015

On this edition of Need To Know: Heroin and Opioid abuse is on the rise here in Monroe County and across the country. What efforts are in place to combat this?

Plus, OSHA is trying to curtail a disease that's plagued stone workers since the ancient greeks. We look into how OSHA is tackling silicosis.