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University of Rochester Medical Center

The University of Rochester Medical Center has received a multimillion-dollar federal grant to study Parkinson’s disease, the university announced Wednesday. The $9.2 million award will fund the creation of a new research center, officials said.

“We are currently in the midst of a Parkinson’s pandemic,” said Ray Dorsey, the principal investigator of the new center. “The number of people with Parkinson’s disease globally has doubled from 1990 to 2015, and absent change, the number of people with Parkinson’s disease will double again in the coming 25 years.”

There is a major deal in the works involving two local healthcare companies.

There is an agreement that would see Rochester Regional Health acquire Lifetime Care, the local home care and hospice organization.

Lifetime Care is part of Lifetime Health Care Companies, the umbrella organization which also owns Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The president and CEO of Rochester Regional Health, Dr. Eric Bieber, says the partnership would better serve patients, communities and staff.

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A series of listening sessions are being held across the state on regulating marijuana.

The sessions hope to garner input from community members and key stakeholders on the implementation of a regulated marijuana system in New York.

Fifteen events will be conducted around the state, wrapping up this month.

In January, Gov. Andrew Cuomo commissioned a multi-agency study led by the Department of Health to assess the impact of such a program.

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A recent CDC report says less than half of pregnant women in the U.S. got a flu vaccine during the last flu season.

That's why local health care providers say they want to make sure expectant mothers understand that the flu shot is safe at any stage of pregnancy and while they are breastfeeding.

Livingston County has its first human case of mosquito-borne West Nile Virus this season.

According to information on the county’s website, the New York State Department of Health has confirmed that case. County officials say they are working closely with the state and the person who has the virus.

Last month, officials in Monroe County reported that a county resident died from the virus.

University of Rochester Medical Center

The University of Rochester Medical Center is expanding an effort to bring cancer services to people in the Rochester area.

The Cancer Services Program of the Finger Lakes Region grew out of a smaller program at the University of Rochester Medical Center that served only Monroe County.


People struggling with opioid addiction and the families and loved ones of those who may be addicted now have another resource in Monroe County.

Recovery Now is opening its fifth Gates to Recovery addiction and support services drop-in center, this one at 39 State St. in Brockport.

Executive Director David Attridge says anyone looking for treatment can come to the center to begin that process.

And the support services extend to families and loved ones of someone who may be addicted.

Many hair care products for African-American women are toxic. That’s changing.

Sep 29, 2018
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Malaika Cooper was just a kid when she stopped using relaxer to straighten her hair and started wearing dreadlocks.

“My grandfather was like, ‘Why are you putting those things in your hair? You need to go to the beauty parlor.’ I was like, ‘Granddad, no, my hair is done.’ He’s like, ‘No, your hair is not done.’ ”

The relaxer had lye in it, and could burn. But her family confronted her about not using it.

University of Rochester Medical Center

The University of Rochester Medical Center unveiled upstate New York’s first mobile stroke unit Thursday, describing the vehicle as a “high-tech emergency room on wheels.”

It looks like a large ambulance from the outside. Inside, the unit is equipped with specialized equipment including “a portable CT scanner that is capable of imaging the patient’s brain to detect the type of stroke they are experiencing,” URMC said in a press release.

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The University of Rochester Medical Center has received a multi-million dollar federal grant to fund new research into e-cigarettes.

There’s a public impression that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to conventional smoking, the university said, but precious little research has corroborated that idea.