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More people have entered voluntary quarantine for coronavirus monitoring in Monroe County.  None of them shows any symptoms of illness.

There are now nine people quarantining themselves in Monroe County after returning from China.

The public health department said the isolation is voluntary, but everyone under quarantine has been cooperating with government requests.

Under voluntary quarantine, people are taking their temperatures and checking in with the health department every day.

Irfan Rahman / University of Rochester Medical Center

When the federal Food and Drug Administration announced it was stepping up enforcement of its rules against flavored vape products last month, the agency said the goal was to diminish the products’ appeal to young people.

The FDA specifically named fruit and mint flavors as drivers of youth use of e-cigarettes.

But many of those flavors are still available in local vape shops.

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The number of people under quarantine for novel coronavirus monitoring in Monroe County has grown.

Six people -- none of whom have shown any symptoms of infection with the virus -- have agreed to quarantine themselves at home for two weeks, public health commissioner Michael Mendoza said.

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U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced a bill to fund community support programs for people who have substance use disorders, as well as their families. 

The bill, called the Family Support Services for Addiction Act of 2020, would create a $25 million pool of grant money for non-profit organizations that work in the addiction field.

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The coronavirus that emerged in China late last year is still without a permanent name.

The World Health Organization established guidelines in 2015 to help scientists name new infections.

Now, researchers at the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses are working on classifying and naming the 2019 novel coronavirus, which has killed more than 600 people (though no cases have been confirmed in New York).

New England Journal of Medicine

One person in Monroe County is under “voluntary quarantine” for novel coronavirus surveillance after returning from China, public health commissioner Michael Mendoza said Tuesday.

The person has not shown any symptoms, but entered quarantine at home after arriving in Monroe County on Saturday.

Wayne County

Wayne County health officials say they have seen a spike in rabies cases over the last year. And some of those cases may be related to a warmer than usual winter.

The county has seen a total of 13 confirmed rabies cases since January of last year, including raccoons, foxes, a dog and a horse.

Veronica Lafave-Boughton is rabies coordinator for Wayne County. She says they’ve had cases in January that they might not normally see, and that’s because the milder than usual temperatures means animals like raccoons aren’t hibernating like they normally would.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Two people died of the flu in the latest week of statistics released by the Monroe County public health department.

Both deaths were people older than 75, according to the report, which runs through Jan. 25. They bring the total death toll of this flu season to four.

National Park Service

Common Ground Health, a Rochester nonprofit, has begun a study to understand who is using the local portion of the Erie Canalway Trail and how to make that group more diverse.

Benjamin Woelk, who’s running the study for Common Ground Health, said he suspects that current trail users are largely white and have above-average incomes, even though the trail runs right past some of Rochester’s poorest ZIP codes.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In a message to Monroe County school superintendents and nurses Thursday afternoon, public health commissioner Michael Mendoza said there are no suspected cases of novel coronavirus locally.