Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation has been awarded a nearly  $196 million contract to help build a space-based telescope.  

The work involves the Wide Field Infrared Survey  Telescope, or  WFIRST, for short.

Much of the work is being done by the Harris operations in Rochester, and Senator Chuck Schumer says the federal contract from NASA will help support 160 local jobs.

Laura Abplanalp  is Director of Civil and Commercial Imaging for Harris Space and Intelligence Systems.

Harris Corp.

For the last five years, Harris employees in the Rochester area have been working on a special mirror that will become part of a telescope located at an observatory in South America.

Harris was part of a National Science Foundation team, and its duties were to create what is the largest mirror that Harris’s Space and Intelligence Systems division have ever produced.  Harris manufactured the secondary mirror for that telescope, a 12-foot mirror that weighs 3,500 pounds.