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A variation on trick-or-treating in Fairport aims to bring families together to celebrate Black children and advocate for a more equitable life for everyone. It’s called Black Kids Matter Trunk-or-Treat. 

Parents park their cars and decorate the trunks according to the theme: Black figures. 

Brittany Gray

Contestants will spend 30 hours inside coffins -- sometimes with worms for company -- for the chance to win cash and other prizes in a contest at Six Flags Darien Lake. 

The second annual "Coffin Challenge" on Friday and Saturday is part of the park’s annual Fright Fest. 

Participants will compete for a $600 grand prize, season passes to the park for next year and access passes to the remaining weeks of Fright Fest.

Mike Arena with Six Flags says that the contest suits the season.

For parents who love their kids but hate Halloween, what are the alternatives? Not to be all buzzkill, but Halloween pushes children to worship at the altar of "Big Candy". For parents trying to celebrate real food and healthy eating, Halloween is an obstacle. Fortunately, there are options, and we'll explore them with our panel:

  • Christina Le Beau, former D&C reporter, now the author of the Spoonfed blog about kids and healthy eating
  • Heather Fiore, registered dietician for URMC
  • Deb Ross, creator of KidsOutandAbout.com
  • George Walker of Holiday Hollow in Pembroke