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Prude police officers cleared by grand jury

Feb 23, 2021
Max Schulte/WXXI News

None of the police officers responsible for Daniel Prude's death will face criminal charges in his killing, Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday, explaining that the grand jury empaneled to hear her case against the seven officers declined to indict them.

The attorney general spoke at Aenon Baptist Church on Genesee Street, a few blocks from the intersection of Jefferson Avenue where Prude was suffocated on March 23 by three officers -- Mark Vaughn, Francisco Santiago, and Troy Taladay.

Does the grand jury system need to be reformed? In the wake of the Garner and Brown cases, advocates say yes. Defenders say it has a strong foundation in justice and history. A forum on Monday Night sponsored by the League of Women Voters aims to educate the public about the history, the intent, and proposed changes to the grand jury system. We have the panelists with us in studio:

  • Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney
  • Roger Brazill, First Assistant Public Defender
  • Rev. Lawrence Hargrave, Asbury First United Methodist Church