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Albany, New York – State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says despite the big drop on Wall Street Monday, he believes the state's massive pension fund can withstand market swings.

DiNapoli, as State Comptroller, is sole trustee of the state's multi billion dollar pension fund. In a statement, the Comptroller says while the over 630 point drop in the stock market is a "concern", he thinks the fund can deal with market swings , saying as a long term global investor, he has "long term confidence in the global marketplace".

Albany, NY – Some of the major provisions of the federal health care reform act don't take effect until 2014, but New York State has already begun to figure out how to comply with the changes, which will require every state to set up a health insurance policy exchange for the uninsured.

Albany, New York – The push to change teacher hiring rules to end the policy of last hired first fired got a boost when Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced a bill to extend the proposal to all schools in the state.

Rochester, NY – WXXI's Bob Smith interviews Dick Dadey, executive director of the Citizens' Union nonpartisan good government organization about on a new report concerning the turnover in the State Legislature and how a significant portion of it is driven by revelations of unethical and/or illegal conduct.


Albany, New York –
A major New York State union is going on the air with televisions ads to try to convince state lawmakers to continue a tax on the wealthy instead of adopting Governor Cuomo's billion and half dollars in school aid cuts.

Matt Ryan, New York Now

Albany, New York –
In a move that veteran lawmakers called "unprecedented", Governor Andrew Cuomo sent his Lieutenant Governor, Robert Duffy, to defend his proposed school aid cuts to a joint hearing of the legislature's education and fiscal committees.

Suffolk, NY – It's been over a year since New York implemented the Rockefeller Drug Law reforms, which divert drug addicted felons from prison to treatment.

WXXI public radio news partner WSHU has been following several of the people going through the new program. Some of them get treatment in a rigorous residential treatment program, but most don't.

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Rochester, NY – WXXI's Bob Smith interviewed Democratic nominee Tom Richards about his campaign for Rochester mayor in the upcoming March 29 special election.

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Rochester, NY – WXXI's Bob Smith interviewed Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard about how the city's violent crime rate can be reduced even as resources remain scarce.

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Rochester, NY – WXXI's Bob Smith interviewed former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson about his decision to run again and challenge the local Democratic party establishment.

Johnson appeared on WXXI as the city awaits a court ruling on a challenge to the city's appointment of Carl Carballada as acting mayor until the special election scheduled for March 29. The court's ruling could impact whether that special election is held and whether City Council is forced to appoint yet another new mayor until a general election in November.