ghinwa dumyati

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The federal Centers for Disease Control issued a report this week warning about the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria -- so-called "superbugs" -- but officials at Rochester hospitals said they are aware of the threat and are taking measures to counter it.

"Everyone is at risk" from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the CDC said.

One of the dangers of injecting drugs outside of a medical clinic is obvious: overdose.

Others are less obvious, but still pretty well understood: Sharing needles carries risks of viral infections.

But it’s a third type of risk that caught the attention of researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

“You could, you know, get infections from your own skin, and your own hand, without sharing with anyone else,” said Ghinwa Dumyati, who directs a disease surveillance program at URMC’s Center for Community Health and Prevention.