George Eastman House

It's Christmas...in October! It may seem early to be listening to Christmas music, but perhaps it would be something George Eastman would do. The philanthropist is known for his love of music and often listened to his pipe organ while eating breakfast, reading newspapers, or meeting with business associates.

A new album called "An Eastman Christmas" includes 24 holiday tunes played on Eastman's Aeolian pipe organ. It's part of the upcoming holiday celebrations at the Eastman Museum.

We listen to some music and discuss how Eastman's legacy continues to impact the Rochester community. In studio:

  • Jack Garner, retired national film critic for Gannett Newspapers, passionate Eastman supporter, and recipient of the Eastman Medal
  • Bonnie Garner, president of the George Eastman Museum Council and museum trustee
  • Joe Blackburn, George Eastman Museum volunteer organist featured in "An Eastman Christmas," and leading authority on the Aeolian pipe organ
  • Kathy Connor, curator of the legacy collection at the George Eastman Museum

You may have never heard of Louise Brooks, but this silent film star was at the height of her career when she ran away from Hollywood and disappeared. That’s until she came to Rochester and, with the help of the Eastman Museum, reemerged from obscurity to a new kind of fame.

We spend the hour discussing the rise, the fall, and the rediscovery of Louise Brooks. Our guests:

First hour: Hidden Passions Series at the Memorial Art Gallery                                                                                                              Second hour: The rise, fall, and rediscovery of silent film star, Louise Brooks

We open with a conversation with Deb Hughes, CEO of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, about the GOP debate's question regarding putting a woman on the $10 bill. What did she think of the answers, many of which failed to name a prominent American woman?

Then we'll talk about the George Eastman House's upcoming Alvin Langdon Coburn photography retrospective. Why was Coburn's work so influential? What will we find at the retrospective? We'll pose those questions to"

  • Pamela Roberts, creator of the retrospective
  • Lisa Hostetler, the curator in charge of the Department of Photography at Eastman House
  • Virginia Dodier, librarian at Eastman House.

Eastman House's technical marvel known as its camera collection (Technology Collection) is being honored next Monday, June 15 by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The vast collection includes a daguerreotype camera signed by Daguerre, an original 1888 Kodak, Ansel Adams’s first cameras, a Technicolor camera that filmed MGM classics, the NASA Lunar Orbiter, the Speed Graphic camera that captured the
flag-raising at Iwo Jima. We dive into the collection, and discuss the history it has caputred with:

  • Todd Gustavson, Curator of the Technology Collection at George Eastman House
  • Joseph Lawson, President of the Rochester Section of ASME
  • Jon Kriegel, History & Heritage Committee, Rochester Section of ASME
  • Brad Paxton, a member of Technology Collection Acquisitions Committee at George Eastman House

George Eastman House in Full Bloom

Feb 16, 2012

WXXI News Director Julie Philipp visits the George Eastman House for a look at how they are keeping a 100 year old tradition started by the famous Rochesterian himself. Click on the video box below to watch the story.

The historic home will be in full bloom for its Dutch Connection Flower Show. Landscape Curator Amy Kinsey ordered 6,000 flowering bulbs for the annual event - all chosen to replicate the bulbs George Eastman ordered a century ago.

The flowers and historical exhibit are on display through February 25 at the George Eastman House.