gender pay gap

The Washington Post is highlighting the struggles of mothers during the pandemic. United Nations data shows not only a disparity in household duties, but also in income and opportunity for women in the workplace. The Washington Post's Monica Hesse argues that the pandemic is threatening to undo even modest gains that women have made.

We talk to four working mothers about their experiences: 

The Eastman School of Music holds its first Gender Equity in Music Conference on Tuesday.

Organizers say that the goals for the daylong event include examining the impact of equity issues on the professional lives of musicians and to identify steps that can be taken to make changes for the future.

It will look at a variety of issues, ranging from pay equity to sexual assault.

We sit down with Whitney Young, formerly a morning host at 98PXY. Young announced last week that she had quit her job, after coming to the conclusion that she was being shortchanged based on gender. Young says she was paid substantially less than her male coworker, while 98PXY says any pay disparity had nothing to do with gender.

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo is touting new laws designed to eliminate pay discrimination based on gender. But critics say the recent debate has missed some of the nuance involved in pay negotiations. Our guests explore it:

When Google recently analyzed employee salaries, it discovered a group of men were collectively paid less than their female colleagues. That prompted the company to quickly correct the disparity. Critics say Google and other companies don't do the same or move as quickly when women are paid too little.

Our guests discuss the issue. In studio:

  • Sharon Stiller, partner and director of the employment law practice at Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara, Wolf & Carone, LLP
  • Beth Cordello, chair of the employment law practice at Pullano & Farrow
  • Melanie Wolk, partner at Trevett Cristo


When it comes to government-funded research, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter worried the funding goes mostly to men. When she tried to follow the money, she found some agencies don't even track the information as they are supposed to.

"The fairness issue is appalling, but the loss of brainpower is really what we can't afford to have."

Connections: Is There a Gender Pay Gap in Rochester?

Apr 13, 2015

Is there a gender pay gap in the Rochester area? We could soon find out, thanks to a new study. Tuesday, April 14th marks Equal Pay Day, which is a day meant to signify how much longer a woman would have had to work to equal what a man made in 2014. What do the numbers say? And what are the proposals to eliminate the tendency of men to get paid more for the same work, simply because they push harder in negotiations? Our guests include: