Gates Chili Central School District


The pending state budget cuts may hit school districts and families  in a variety of ways, and that includes parents of preschoolers in the Gates Chili district.

A letter went out on Thursday to families trying to get their kids into Universal pre-K, letting them know that a reduction in state funding will force the district to provide six, rather than eight, full-day pre-kindergarten sections.

An effort by the parents of a Gates Chili student with disabilities to allow their daughter to use a service dog has been settled eight years after that battle began.

Devyn Pereira needed the dog to help her get through the school day, but the district said her parents would need to provide a full-time dog handler.

Five years ago, the U.S. Justice Department sued on behalf of Devyn, and this week, the settlement was announced.

Devyn’s mother, Heather Burroughs, was pleased with the resolution of the long-pending case.