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Minimum wage is rising across New York state on New Year’s Eve. Activists for workers’ rights celebrate the change, while some business owners are wary.

Leading into 2020, the hourly minimum wage for workers in upstate New York will rise to $11.80. For tipped workers, it will be $7.85 an hour.

Peter Gines is the owner of Jine's Restaurant. He says tipped workers account for more than half of the employees at the Park Avenue diner.


People who work in the fast food industry and community advocates gathered and chanted outside McDonald’s on East Main Street and Culver Road Thursday, after new claims of unwanted sexual behavior were made against the restaurant chain.

Proponents of the Fight for $15 movement were rewarded today by a recommendation from Governor Cuomo's wage board, and fast food workers in Rochester are celebrating.

The wage board recommends that by the end of 2021, fast food companies with 30 or more establishments pay their workers $15 an hour across the state. Fast food employees and supporters gathered outside a McDonalds on Culver Avenue to cheer the decision.

The 'Fight for 15' is happening next week. Fast food workers around the country will rally for a $15 per hour wage. What happens if they do get it? What about if they don't? We have an interview with KUOW's Deborah Wang who has reported on the 'Fight for 15'. Then we will discuss the rally and the reasoning behind it with our guests:

  • AJ, a Burger King worker who has been on strike twice with the campaign
  • Kim Ramos, former Wendy's employee and currently a Fight for 15 organizer.
  • Colin O’Malley, organizing director of Metro Justice

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