End the R-Word

April Franklin

Over the weekend, The Golisano Foundation, Special Olympics, and Best Buddies hosted the first-ever Festival of Inclusion at Nazareth College.

Hundreds of families attended the event to kick off this year's regional Spread the Word Inclusion campaign.

The campaign to "End the R-Word" marches into 2018. It's the tenth year for the effort that began as a way to highlight the pejorative and common use of the word "retard."

This year's campaign has a special focus on recognizing the disparities faced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, especially in the fields of health care, housing, employment, and access to social opportunities. Our guests:

The annual push to "End the R-Word" is back on. Is it working? Last year, a comedian in a Showtime special delivered a deeply insulting rant about people with mental disabilities. The term still comes up on occasion in pop culture.

We check in with our guests:

End the R-Word & ROC Launches New Initiatives in S. Sudan

Feb 28, 2014

On this edition of Need to Know Rochester – learn about a local campaign joining a national movement to put an end to a word some say is dehumanizing and offensive. Also on the show – we examine the ongoing conflict in South Sudan and new initiatives by local non-profits to help bring change and stability to the nation. It’s all part of the final installment of WXXI’s Schools for South Sudan series. And a look back at the most critical issues in Rochester during the civil rights movement. We’ll hear from leaders and educators in the community about whether those issues have been resolved.