We're joined by journalist and former NPR host of All Things Considered, Michele Norris. She's the creator of the Race Card Project, which has sparked conversations about race, privilege, and the country's future. Norris is visiting Nazareth College* to talk about race on college campuses, but first, she's our guest on Connections for the hour. In studio:

  • Michele Norris, journalist and creator of the Race Card Project
  • Alexia Blair, student at Nazareth College
  • Sabata Harley, student at Nazareth College

*The event at Nazareth College is now open to the public. Tickets are available at the Nazareth College Arts Center Box Office from 6-7 p.m.

Donald Trump has won a state. Will he win New York in April? Will he march to the nomination? Were the naysayers wrong?

Our panel looks at where the GOP goes next. Our guests:

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has been offering some tough words for women who are supporting Bernie Sanders: she says there's "a special place in hell" for women who don't support other women. 

At Clinton rallies, that line sparks laughter and applause, but Albright insists she's serious. She says women should not be complacent, and feminists should support a woman's bid for the presidency. Is that fair? What do women who support Sanders think? What are their thoughts about Gloria Steinem's comments that suggest young women support Bernie Sanders just to meet men? Our panel debates these issues and more. Our guests:

  • Barbara LeSavoy, director and assistant professor of women and gender studies, SUNY Brockport
  • Zari Kamarei, supports Hillary Clinton
  • Mary Lupien, supports Bernie Sanders

The three candidates for Monroe County Executive covered a broad range of topics in Monday night's Voice of the Voter debate seen and heard on WXXI-TV and Radio as well as online.

Voice of the Voter is a  collaboration among WXXI Public Broadcasting, the Democrat and Chronicle, 13WHAM-TV and WDKX 103.9

Former Brighton supervisor Sandra Frankel (Democratic, Working Families and Women’s Equality Parties), Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo (Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform Parties), and Rajesh Barnabas (Green Party) have agreed to participate in a Monroe County Executive debate hosted by Voice of the Voter.

In this hour, we dive into the current events happening in Ukraine. There's a new president, elected Sunday, who happens to be the country's "chocolate king", but pro-Russian, eastern Ukrainian cities are claiming they were not included in the election. What's next? We find out from Randy Stone, director of the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies at the University of Rochester, and Matthew Leone, a professor of history who specializes in Stalinist culture and mass media in Russia.

Tomorrow, voters head to the polls to take part in elections for district school board and district budgets. Jody Siegle, executive director of the Monroe County School Boards Association joins us to talk about the elections, and the educational topics that may sway voting decisions.

On this week's Need to Know Rochester, Democratic mayoral candidate Lovely Warren talks not only issues but also solutions to city challenges. We'll look at an effort underway to ensure city high schools graduate at least 90% of students by 2020 and a roller skating rink is finding ways to give back to the community.

Watch this Thursday at 8pm on WXXI-TV, Channel 21.1 and Cable 11 or 1221.

On this edition of Need to Know Rochester:

  • WXXI News reveals the person behind the campaign. A special profile of Rochester mayoral candidates, Lovely Warren & Alex White.
  • Social Media Surveillance. A discussion on how school districts and parents can monitor student social media accounts to help tackle bullying and suicidal threats.

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Listen live on WXXI-AM 1370 and WRUR-FM 88.5, as NPR’s Robert Siegel and Melissa Block will host the evening, along with WXXI’s Bob Smith presenting local results and analysis.