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While election results won’t be official until absentee ballots are counted, one local Native American voter says that there is more than partisan politics on the line.


Michael Galban is a Native American citizen of the Washoe and Northern Paiute people. He says that while some Indigenous people do not vote in U.S. elections, he did.

We hear from local candidates about the results of Tuesday night's races - at least what we know at this stage. Many local races have not been called; the Monroe County Board of Elections will begin counting absentee ballots on November 16th.

This hour, we hear from:

NY State Board of Elections

Polls open at 282 sites across Monroe County on Tuesday, and Republican Monroe County Elections Commissioner Lisa Nicolay said this is the beginning of a long process. 

She said she anticipates a long and busy day but expects lines to be minimal thanks to early voting, which more than 105, 000 residents took part in. Nicolay said her team expects to be counting votes past midnight, but their work will be far from done.

We talk with the candidates for the 138th Assembly District. Democratic incumbent Harry Bronson and Republican Peter Vazquez are vying for the seat. Bronson, a small business owner, is seeking his sixth term in office. Vazquez is a high school teacher, business owner, and veteran, and this is his fourth attempt at winning the seat. 

We talk to them about their platforms and a number of issues affecting the district. Our guests:

  • Harry Bronson, Democratic incumbent for the 138th Assembly District
  • Peter Vazquez, Republican candidate for the 138th Assembly District

We welcome Congressional candidate Tracy Mitrano. She's challenging incumbent Tom Reed in the 23rd District. This is a rematch of their 2018 contest, which Reed won by eight points. Mitrano, a Democrat, has a very hard road ahead in a district that went for Trump by 15 points in 2016.

We talk about what she wants to do in Washington, if elected. Our guest:

  • Tracy Mitrano, Democratic candidate for the 23rd Congressional District seat

We continue our series of conversations with candidates running for office. This hour, we talk with candidates for the 135th Assembly District seat. Republican incumbent Mark Johns was first elected to represent the district in 2010. His opponent, Democrat Jen Lunsford, is an attorney with Segar & Sciortino.

We talk with the candidates about their platforms and priorities for the district, and they answer our questions and yours about a number of issues impacting the community. Our guests:

  • Mark Johns, Republican candidate for the 135th Assembly District
  • Jen Lunsford, Democratic candidate for the 135th Assembly District 

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  New York will allow voters to request absentee ballots for the general election because of coronavirus under a new state law signed Thursday.

Lawmakers passed the bill last month, and voting rights groups have been calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign the legislation for weeks.

The governor allowed voters in the June primary to vote by absentee ballots due to fears of spreading the virus at polling sites.

Election officials warn of an even bigger flood of mail-in votes in November than the June primary, which delayed results for six weeks.

Four State Assembly districts locally have Democratic primaries, and while voters did head to the polls Tuesday, the winners in each of these races won’t be known until after June 30, when all the absentee ballots can be counted.

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June 23, the  day set aside for primaries and special elections  brought unique challenges for candidates, voters and election officials and their staffs.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there were changes to polling places, and apparently some confusion at some venues, with voters unsure if they were at the right place.

Hanna Bergwall said she was a little confused when she first arrived at a Baptist Church at the corner of Adams and Clarissa Street in Rochester to vote because that's not her normal polling place. 

Democrats have elevated Joe Biden to a nearly insurmountable delegate lead in the nomination process. But supporters of Bernie Sanders argue that Biden has largely been in the background during the pandemic, and they want Sanders to keep pushing. Biden has said he sees no point in debating anymore, and his camp wants Sanders to exit the race. Meanwhile, some Democrats are publicly wondering if there's an opening for New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

We talk about next steps during an unprecedented modern crisis. Our guests: