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One of Rochester’s long-discussed projects took a big step forward Thursday. 

Officials and neighbors broke ground on La Marketa, a project whose origins go back to neighborhood brainstorming meetings in the late 1970s. The open-air marketplace is expected to house retail, green space and events on what’s now an empty lot on North Clinton Avenue near St. Michael’s Church. 

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said it would not have happened without the persistence of supporters.

NE Neighbors Join To Plan Their Future

Nov 7, 2015

Neighbors in one part of Northeast Rochester are being asked to help redesign where they live.

"We want the people who live there and are working there now - hardworking people - to maintain and be the strong base for this community's future," said Director of Special Projects Miguel Melendez of the Ibero-American Development Corporation. The IADC is affiliated with the Ibero-American Action League in Rochester.

Carlet Cleare

A local nurse is trying to inspire her community to peddle their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Theresa Bowick is the brain child behind the Conkey Cruisers. It’s a program using bicycling as a way to get city residents up and moving.

Bowick says the idea came after two incidents. First, someone thought she was running from the police. Second, she was accused of being an undercover officer, while running in the Conkey Avenue neighborhood.

Bowick says the comments were made because she was told nobody exercises in that neighborhood.