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A Colorado-based company is the winner of the first round of New York State’s Luminate NY competition.

The announcement was made Thursday at a demonstration event held at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Gas costs impacting summer vacation plans for many

Jun 13, 2018
Alex Crichton

If your summer plans include a driving vacation, prepare to budget more for gasoline.

According to new figures from AA A, gasoline expenses are accounting, on average, for seven percent of an American's annual income.

That's up one and a half percent from last summer, according to AAA spokesperson Lindsay Kensy.

"We will be spending about $69 dollars more a month for gas, so if you think about that, that's kind of a big chunk of change per month, but we don't see it stopping anyone from taking a road trip this summer," she said.

Genesee celebrates 'new' brewery

Jun 7, 2018

The Genesee Brewing Company marked its 140th year in business by celebrating the grand opening of its new brewery on St. Paul Street.

Officials from North American Breweries and its parent company, FIFCO, welcomed Genesee employees and local and state officials to a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour of the new $48.5 million Brewhouse and Cold Block.

FIFCO CEO Ramon Mendiola says this is a landmark project for the brewery that will secure the future of this business for years to come.

New homes for Rochester's Beechwood neighborhood

May 25, 2018
Alex Crichton

Some new affordable housing is taking shape in Rochester's Beechwood neighborhood.

Officials from Rochester Housing Charities, and its affiliate, the Rochester Housing Authority, presented the keys to long-time Beechwood resident Loretta Cross.

She is the owner of the first of four two bedroom homes to be built on Diamond Place, after current vacant and abandoned properties are removed.

It’s the first new builds there since 2002.

RHC Chairman Reece McKenzie says the new homes are a launching pad to a positive domino effect across the Beechwood community.

freeimages.com/Kristian Stokholm

Even though gas prices in Rochester have crested the $3-per-gallon mark — and national prices aren’t far behind — Americans are still going forward with their Memorial Day vacation plans.

AAA expects 41.5 million Americans to travel on this  holiday weekend, with 36.6 million driving to their holiday destination. Even with the rise in gas prices, it’s not keeping people home.

Home health workers march in Rochester

May 23, 2018

Home health aides were marching in Rochester Wednesday for fair wages and benefits.

The theme for the event was "Invisible No More," and Kellie Chisolm has been a home care worker since she started caring for her mother at age 12.

She says home care professionals need better working conditions and suitable pay.

"Our jobs are hard, and we get up every day with the anticipation of looking forward to seeing our clients.  And this is something that we enjoy doing.  But if the conditions aren't right for us, then it’s hard for us to continue to do our jobs," she said.

Finding ways to make philanthropy more accessible. That’s one of the themes voiced by speakers at a local meeting of financial professionals held on Thursday night. 

You don’t need to be a George Eastman to have a big impact on your community. That’s part of the message  Paul Shoemaker delivered at the event sponsored by the Rochester Chapter of the CFA Society.

Alex Crichton

Ribbon cutting ceremonies were held Wednesday on an expansion project at a former Kodak building on Lake Avenue, that now houses ON Semiconductor, which develops and builds sensor devices.

It's a company that Senior Vice President Mark Goranson says was considering moving its technology to a factory in Japan.

But getting AIM photonics here to cost-share the facility, plus incentives from the state, kept the company in Rochester.

State officials say that tool installation has begun on schedule at the AIM Photonics Test, Assembly and Packaging (TAP) facility in Rochester.

They also say that work on that photonics operation on Lake Avenue, near Eastman Business Park, is forecasted to come in $3.2 million dollars under budget.

This is all part of a more than $600 million effort with the federal government putting in $110 million  and the state and private sector among those entities that are making up the balance.

New York State has committed $250 million toward the project.

Alex Crichton

Government officials, project partners and even some local school children gathered at the corner of Smith and Orchard Streets to celebrate phase two of the Stadium Estates, a single family home affordable housing project with 46 units.

Scott Benjamin is CEO of one of the developers, the Charles Settlement House.

He says they expect to have all the new homes constructed by this time next year, and the first of the rental units will be occupied in just a few weeks.