Free In Home Drug Tests Available to Parents Locally

Apr 18, 2012

Rural/Metro Medical Services is teaming up with the Rochester Police Department to equip parents with free home drug tests. Officials say it's an early intervention effort to prevent teen drug use.

April 20th, more commonly referred to as "four-twenty" by teens, is an underground holiday called National Weed Day or National Get High Day. The Rochester Police Department is handing out free home drug test kits to parents who either suspect their child is using drugs or may participate in "four-twenty."

Teens are finding creative ways to use social networking sites like Facebook to not only access drug dealers but hide their drug use from parents using coded statuses and blocking their access to uploaded pictures.

WXXI's LeShea Agnew visited a teen substance abuse treatment live-in facility in Rochester where teens openly shared how modern technology aided in their arrests and addictions.

Suffolk, NY – It's been over a year since New York implemented the Rockefeller Drug Law reforms, which divert drug addicted felons from prison to treatment.

WXXI public radio news partner WSHU has been following several of the people going through the new program. Some of them get treatment in a rigorous residential treatment program, but most don't.

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