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University of Rochester Medical Center

The University of Rochester Medical Center’s neuroscience laboratory has received a $6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study intellectual and developmental disorders.

URMC’s Del Monte Neuroscience Institute is one of 14 institutions in the country to receive the grant and be named an Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center by the NIH.

The director of URMC’s institute, John Foxe, said the grant will fund research into common developmental disorders, like autism, and much rarer conditions like Batten disease, which occurs in only about three of every 100,000 births.

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India Hedman’s daughter, Kaia, is sleeping. It’s Wednesday afternoon, and the 14-month-old is down for a nap.

Hedman picks her up out of her crib. Kaia’s head lolls against her mom’s shoulder. Her eyes stay closed.

“When she sleeps, she sleeps,” Hedman said.

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Kirk Matthews was winning. He had only to sink the eight ball into one of the pockets of a new pool table, and he’d have the victory.

“Eight ball, corner pocket,” he said.