Daniele Lyman-Torres

Brett Dahlberg / WXXI News

A new set of outdoor exercise equipment, free to the public, has opened at Cobbs Hill Park in Rochester.

The fitness court, on Norris Drive near Culver Road, is a square rubberized surface with one wall. Steps and platforms jut out of the ground. Metal bars extend from the wall.

Sean Smith, a gym owner and fitness ambassador for the new facility, said the equipment is designed to allow a person to exercise using their own body weight for resistance.

MVP Health Care

The city of Rochester and MVP Health Care have announced a partnership to install a “fitness court” in Cobbs Hill Park.

The court will house various static fitness equipment, like pullup bars and step platforms, that allow users to “leverage their own body weight into strength and mobility gains,” said Yvonne Donnelly, a marketing representative at MVP.

“You’re going to be able to do pullups; you’re going to be able to do pushups; you’re going to be able to do squats; you’re going to be able to do planks -- all within 30 stations,” Donnelly said.